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When you turn it off the wax re-hardens. We are trained in their use and we all have cell phones on our persons also. Consider poking your fingers in their eyeballs, with an effort to pop the eye ball out.

By the way, inside of your house is a remote place. No sales tax and good prices. Sometimes an attacker will make his move as you are approaching the front door of your residence. Something must be done to get people to prepare for the worst scenario. Fight as ruthless and merciless as possible.

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The thrust and mass of table, the glass and marble broke the intruders ribs, some vertebrae, shoulder blade, collar bone, arm, the arch of his foot and caused severe concussion. If I can launch myself out from my chair before the intruder gets to me, I have a real sword on display. Some good suggestions here.

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You have to rely on your own abilities. God Bless and keep up the good work. Window wells are in the back. Working the night shift years ago in Houston as a Electronics Technician, having to be on the streets, my son who is a policeman, taught me a lot of these same tactics to defend myself. It told different diseases that had been developed in a lab.

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