Chubby plays on washing machine

Hot chubby Girl grabbing her Belly

Skinny girls can wear one-pieces easily, but when a girl becomes too fat, a bikini is the only thing she can wear. If you are more scientific, find a virus or drug that will cause her to feel hungry. When you interact with your girl, bring a lot of fast food bags with you, and claim that one or more is hers.

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Some may also contain sugar. Boobs are also humongous, and sit on top of the boulder belly and lure men in with their heavy cleavage hopefully not to eat them. You will be rewarded each summer as she swells up like a beach ball. Let clothes be loose and easy to grow into, and do not go for tight clothes just yet.

To help ease this, take a booth in a secluded corner. This gets her used to the concept of a fourth meal - the one after dinner. Some like to experiment, and get fat girls with body fat in different places.

Boobs are also humongous and sitTo help ease thisYou will be rewarded eachYou will need lotsTransfer the beefedup entertainmentLet clothes be loose and easyTypically skinny girls demand that the

Transfer the beefed-up entertainment center to the bedroom, and provide an over-bed table so she can take all her food, use a laptop, and do anything else she may want to while in bed. Go to the nearest eccentric candy maker's factory and have your girl taste-test the latest gum. You will need lots and lots of food. Give yourself a deadline, or try it on multiple girls at the same time.

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However, the reverse should be true. Order beer and soda by the keg. If you have been paying attention, and followed the steps above about bigger clothes, the rest of this project is in the bag. Typically, skinny girls demand that the wearing of bikinis be reserved to their kind, and that fat girls wear one-pieces.